Xero Nutrition Golden Rules

10 Golden Rules

  • 1. Avoid all food with added sugar particularly fizzy drinks and fruit juices, they have no fibre and sugar is rapidly absorbed leading to insulin spikes and increased fat storage.
  • 2. Eat more protein. Protein helps to increase muscle density and therefore makes the body more efficient at burning fat. Protein is harder to digest and burns more calories doing so. It gives a feeling of fullness so you don’t go hungry. Start the day with a Xero protein shake to boost metabolism.
  • 3. Eat fibre with every meal. Fibre slows down the uptake of sugar in your bloodstream preventing insulin spikes and reducing fat storage. Green vegetables are your best source of fibre.
  • 4. Eat smaller portions and never skip meals. This helps keep blood sugar levels constant with a steady flow of nutrients rather than bingeing.
  • 5. Eat healthy snacks between meals. This keeps blood sugar constant also and avoids hunger.
  • 6. Eat small portions of ‘good’ carbohydrates i.e. wholemeal instead of white bread, rice pasta.
  • 7. Avoid processed food and fast food. If it comes in a box don’t eat it.
  • 8. Drink plenty of water and use Xero Drainer or Fat burner supplements in your water.
  • 9. Use a Xero fat and sugar control supplement after your main meal each day or ‘cheat’ meal once a week.
  • 10. If you have a ‘cheat’ day or ‘treat’ day that’s ok but get back on track the next day.

Top Fat Burning Foods

  • 1. Eggs
  • 2. Nuts
  • 3. Protein shake
  • 4. Full fat cottage cheese
  • 5. Chickpeas
  • 6. Lean beef (Jerky)
  • 7. Roast chicken
  • 8. Lentils
  • 9. Salmon
  • 10. Scallops
  • 11. Chia seeds
  • 12. Plain Greek yoghurt
  • 13. Brown rice
  • 14. Tuna
  • 15. Pork tenderloin
  • 16. Flaxseed
  • 17. Beans
  • 18. Almond butter
  • 19. Quinoa
  • 20. Turkey
  • 21. Shrimp

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