Detox Drainer


Peach Iced Tea flavour
30 Sticks x 7g

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Detox Drainer nutritional supplements – Peach tea flavoured detoxifying dietary supplements with plant extracts and sweetners.

Instructions for use:
1 stick per day. Add 7g of powder to 1.5l of
water. Stir until completely mixed.

Storage instructions:
Store in a dry and cool place (under 25°C)

Maltodextrins, black tea leaf dry extract, cherry stalk dry extract, meadowsweet floral part dry extract, dandelion root dry extract, ash leaf dry extract, black elderflower dry extract, green tea leaf dry extract, fennel seed dry extract, powdered apple cider vinegar, hibiscus flower dry extract, cactus fruit dry extract, anticaking agent: silicon dioxide, sweeteners: sucrose and potassium acesulfame.


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